Instructions for use Welltone

Welltone instruction manual

Arterial hypertension was first addressed in the middle of the 18th century. Since then, deaths from the disease have reached 40% of all deaths. Therefore, high blood pressure and symptoms should be treated immediately, including the use of Welltone drops. Statistics show that half of the adult population in the Czech Republic suffers from hypertension or high blood pressure. In poor countries, this number is slightly lower: the main causes of the disease are less present there, as indicated below:

Causes of high blood pressure

OK Explanations
Circle Women in their 40s have less high blood pressure than men due to a healthier lifestyle. In older age, the indicators balance out: blood vessels lose their elasticity to approximately the same extent in both sexes.
climatic When you move to a cold climate for work, the pressure is increased after a few years: lack of fitness affects. The use of drops can help with changing climatic conditions.
Reaction to sodium They eat a lot of salty foods or are genetically sensitive to normal sodium levels.
Food surplus Increased load on the cardiovascular system. To a lesser extent, it is characteristic of residents of underdeveloped countries.
Problems with metabolism Diabetes, android obesity, and insulin resistance disrupt the body.
Alcohol and smoking They affect the nervous system and poison the body with harmful substances.
Hypodynamia It reduces the body's adaptation to external factors, blood vessels lose their ability to withstand stress.
Tension It activates the nervous system, which leads to increased pressure. The natural components of the drops stop stress, help normalize sleep, and relieve anxiety.

Indications and contraindications

Drops for the treatment of high blood pressure and symptoms can have an effective therapeutic effect in any of the three stages of arterial hypertension. The medicine can be used strictly according to the instructions for temporal and occipital headaches, heartaches, tachycardia, vision or sleep disorders, memory loss, dizziness, tinnitus. The pressure of the user of the drug usually exceeds the norm up to 160 \ 95 in the first and second stages, and up to 180 \ 110 mm Hg. Art. in the third stage of the disease.

Since arterial hypertension is a complex disease, in the second and third stages it already affects the internal organs and their functioning, in the presence of other diseases, the use of the syrup requires a medical consultation. In general, the drops have a gentle effect and are not addictive.

How to use Welltone?

The use of drops for high blood pressure and its symptoms according to the instructions, taking into account individual characteristics, should be carried out for at least 4-5 weeks. The medicine should be taken 1-2 times a day, 20 drops per 100 ml of water during the course. In addition to the main effect, Wellton reduces stabilized sugar, reduces anxiety and normalizes metabolism in many patients.