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Lina from Dresden talks about her experiences

It seemed that I was doomed to hypertension from birth: several of my relatives suffered from this unpleasant disease and were treated with little success. There were no Welltone drops then. Childhood hereditary factors were supplemented by overweight and constant stress: my parents divorced, and I was constantly teased at school because of my obesity and short-sightedness. The doctors found out early that I had a violation of lipid metabolism and high sugar levels. By the way, the need to use glasses arose because of circulatory disorders.

There was not the slightest desire to follow a healthy lifestyle because. it was somehow not accepted in our family: they ate a lot and deliciously. That's why they ate fast food restaurants, washed down high-calorie drinks, and took little walks. In adolescence, smoking was also added to the disgusting, in my opinion today, diet. Result: stage 2 hypertension at a young age.

And I have to say, I was not alone. There were several dysfunctional "fatties" in our neighborhood. Drops Welltone can help us. The doctor who observed me as a teenager said that high blood pressure is a disease of civilization, a disease of the 20th century.

Experience of illness

Considering the general pathological condition, I did not particularly pay attention to the pain in the temples, around the crown, "flies" in the eyes, dizziness. I did not remember my school lessons well, I experienced insecurity and constant fatigue at work. My husband considered me irritable and depressed, whichit did not contribute to our marital happiness. I often called the doctor for chest pains, for which they prescribed pills, drops, diet, injections. My condition improved somewhat after quitting smoking and reducing the amount of salty food, but the pressure was still unstable. Dailythe jumps were observed several times.

A review of the use of the drugs I used showed that they do not have a long-term therapeutic effect after the end of treatment. I used them continuously for many years, which only worsened my condition. I accidentally found out about Welltone drops on the Internet, I was attracted by their natural composition, which does not affect the state of the liver and the advertised prolonged exposure effect. I ordered several bottles with postal delivery and cash on delivery. He received a significant discount. Bottles with dispenser and instructions for use in high-quality glossy branded packaging. I couldn't find medicine in pharmacies: they don't sell it there.

How to use Welltone drops?

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Welltone drops should be used strictly according to the instructions for the drug, because arterial hypertension is a serious disease. Drops are natural, which does not exclude individual intolerance of individual components, which is important if the medicine is used directly inside, without conducting an allergy test. I had no allergic reaction. I drank 20 drops of Welltone in 100 milliliters of clean water twice a day.

I was refreshed after a single drip treatment. The daily jumps in blood pressure began to disappear, and the cardiovascular system stabilized. I reduced the number of edemas, the number of attacks, I lost a little weight in a couple of weeks, which encouraged me to exercise more. I plan to: conduct another course with Welltone drops, review the diet, start a healthy and active lifestyle.